Make money on Fiverr : The easy way

Making money on Fiverr is not easy but not impossible either, if you follow some simple and easy to follow steps on Fiverr then you also would make tons of money on Fiverr. In this video tutorial, I am sharing some of my personal tips which would help you to achieve success on Fiverr.

Fiverr is a freelancing website but what makes it different from others is its wide range of services which sellers can offer and attractive price which starts from $5 only, which attracts buyers. There are thousands of sellers making their fortune on Fiverr by making money on Fiverr and you can too.

Fiverr has helped millions of sellers and buyers to make money on Fiverr and spend wisely to improve productivity.

Watch the full video and follow the steps to create your profile, your gig and start making money on Fiverr.

make money on fiverr

Tags: Tags are very Important, Tags on your gig helps your gig to be found on Fiverr search. The better-focused tags you add the better chances your gig has to appear in search results. You can also copy the tags from other top sellers of your category.

GIG video: One of the most important and focused thing is gig video, it should be nice and quite explaining video which would describe your service to your visitors. The impressive video will make your buyers trust you.

GIG’s description: A nice description will help your buyers to understand your service better, include your specialties, experiences, and portfolio items to show them what you can offer and what you have produced in past. This will add credibility to your profile which would make it trustworthy.

Buyer’s request: It’s a gem, I have got most of my sales from buyer’s request section on Fiverr. Though the success rate of changing an offer to an order is just 10-20% but what’s your loss on offering your services, just make sure that you offer as soon as the request appears on the buyer request section. Create a template of your offer and after reading client’s requirements modify it to suit their needs and post it.


That’s all folks for now. I hope that you would like the video and will be able to make lot’s of money on Fiverr


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