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Hi guys,

Due to recent demonetization of Indian currency of INR 500 and 1000 we are seeing very big lines against all ATMs to dispense cash, the ATMs also are running out of quickly to add additional mess.

Many people are trying to curb this problem by helping people standing in the que, but the issue is not getting under control any sooner. Here I am contributing my two cents in my own way to help to fight against this problem.

Every one has Internet and ATM runs on Internet too, so guess what? You can get updates, location and status of ATMs around you online, to find atm near home you just need to visit some websites and enter your location and that’s it. You will be given the list of all ATMs around you and whether they are working or not, they have cash or not or many other informations like that.

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First website is CMS ATM Finder

: On this website/app you need to select your state and city from the dropdown list and you will see a list of all ATM( which are managed by CMS)which includes name and address, and by clicking on the “find on map” link you can find it’s location on google map which would show you the distance from your location, path and travelling time also.Link for the website is here

find atm near home, cms atm finder app, find atm

Second website is our beloved Google

: Just below the buttons “I am feeling lucky” and second one you will see another link by name “Find an ATM near you” and you will see a Google map loaded with a list of all ATMs nearby you and their address, path, distance etc. It doesn’t any more details but still good enough to find exact location of an ATM. Here is the link of Google’s homepage

find atm near home, cms atm finder app, find atm

Third website is CashnoCash

: On cashnocash you can find the list of all ATMs around you and the best thing is that you can also find whether they have cash to dispense or not, you can also check whether an ATM is closed or not and some more info too. This is by far the best website I have seen for current issue as this also reports about cash status in ATM. Click here to go to the website


So guys how was this tutorial? Please check out the attached video too to know more how these websites works and how you can save your self from daunting task of waiting in line.


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