A much-asked question is How much YouTube pays per thousand views and we are answering it to clear your all doubts once and for all.

So to know the answer to this question you need to understand the concept of how youtube makes money or what is the source of youtube’s earning?

And the answer is “Advertising”, Youtube not only hosts your videos but they also put ads on it( If you monetize your video ) so the advertisers pay the money to show their ads on youtube videos.

Now suppose a Samsung wants to promote their new smartphone, which type of videos they will consider to put their ads on? Technical videos, right?

What if Samsung put their ads on a cooking tutorial video? No one would be interested. And on the technical video?

Because viewers of technical videos are more likely to be interested in a new smartphone so they more likely to watch the advertisement, fulfilling the companies motive.

How much YouTube pays per thousand views

So Youtube gives their advertisers the option to choose the category of the videos where they want their ads to be displayed upon, and these categories are arranged based on their views, user engagement and other related stuff.

so technical videos are at the highest ranking on Youtube and showing ads on them costs higher than showing ads on a cat video and that’s why companies pays higher price to get their ads displayed on Youtube.

Now you receive some portion of that advertisement’s cost as your earnings, this could be 50%, 40% or more or less depends on internal policies of Youtube.

So if your channel is in a less valuable category then you will get low payment on per 1000 views but if you channel is in a higher value category then you will be filthy rich in just 3-4 years of youtube.

Do you understand now how much YouTube pays per thousand views, here is the link of Official youtube help page which will help you to clear any other doubt

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