How to change Gmail password

Google has changed the process of changing the password of Gmail account, If you don’t know, then only single password controls all services of Google on an account. So if you change the Gmail password then the password of all connected services will be changed too. That means if you are using Youtube, Maps, Earth or any other service from same account then to access these websites you have to use the new password.

How to change Gmail password

We are here showing you the easy way to change the Google password, which in turn will change all password of Google services. Just go to this link and enter your login details.

After this go to the left-hand side column “Sign in & Security” and choose sign into Google.

Now you will find a box with the name “Password & sign-in method” go to it and click on password, it will open a login window, sign in again with your current password and press enter.

It will now open a new page to change the password, change the password and re-enter it in “Confirm new password” and then click on confirm the password. Your password will be changed.

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